Dave Saulibio for Congress
"Service Over $elf-Interest"

Election or auction? 100% for Trump or not?

Cathy The Friendly Ghost

A charming media presence, Cathy McMorris Rodgers fades away like a "friendly ghost" after re-elections. 

Cathy The Friendly Ghost has raised $2.6 million for her 2018 re-election.

Big time IOU. How does she pay that money back? Ask her. 

I am running for office because Cathy The Friendly Ghost DOES NOT SUPPORT President Trump 100%.  

Cathy The Friendly Ghost disfavors Mr. Trump on term limits for congress, the budget, tariffs, TPP, NAFTA,  and KORUS. 

FYI Cathy, the man knows what he's doing

I give Mr. Trump full benefit of the doubt. Period.  

Cathy the Friendly Ghost is a RINO, a Republican In Name Only.

 Cathy's priority is to get re-elected. She plays it safe. There's a lot of money at stake for her. With a 2018 win, Cathy's aggregate pension will be worth about $1,948,800.

For us who voted for her, Cathy enacted  just three (3) minor legislation acts in 14 years.

Dave against Golaith(s)

I've spent $2,500. Money-wise, it feels like I am clapping in a thunder storm. No contest. BUT, I am NOT accepting campaign contributions.  Let not this election be an AUCTION where big money wins. 

Scroll down to my biography. I have the education, real-world work experience, military and business skills that are directly applicable to service in congress. 

I am not a politician. Amen! 

I will seek two terms maximum. Done.

I am a populist Republican. By my definition, populism is the belief in traditional politically incorrect  American values still shared by many people of all persuasions. Here's my short list:

The fruits of my labor belongs to me. That does not mean I work and you eat for free. Why can't I keep more of my money? I worked hard to earn it.

Individual Liberty (not group think), Truth, Justice, The American Way

Family, God, Duty, Honor, Country, apple pie, hot dogs, baseball, Chevrolet,  Made In America

My own personal belief is that all illegal foreign nationals (aliens) should be deported. The rest of you can speak for yourselves about immigration.

And, I do not trust Communist China.




Tax Queen Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown has raised over $1 million. 

I bet you Lisa has an IOU to someone named Mr. Special Interest.

Tax Queen Lisa Brown voted for the largest tax hike in Washington state history.  No surprise, in October 2017, she opposed Trump's Tax Cut and Jobs Act. 

The economy  is booming, best in 30 years, because of the tax cuts! Plus, wages are rising because there are more jobs than applicants. Competition is causing wages to rise. Free-market capitalism, not socialism, leads to prosperity.

Lisa Brown is probably not real keen on term limits.  Ask her.

Tax Queen Lisa Brown, a college professor of economics, has NO military service and NO management experience in a Fortune 500 company.  Her background is academics.

Lisa does not indicate her plan to rid our $21 trillion debt projected to make America in 2035 like Greece is today, broke.

NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER  if we don't fix our debt. 

Each American taxpaper's share of the national debt is $174,000. 

So, Lisa & Cathy, are you going to give up our kids when the pied piper comes to collect his due? 

I am free to help Mr. Trump 100%. I have no IOUs.

We all should try to be like George Washington.

George Washington served his country accepting no compensation. Nada. Zip.

Washington refused pay as the Commander of the Continental Army and then, as President.  

The man gave 16 years of service to his beloved country pro bono. 



Washington and our Founders believed:

  • The fruits of your labor belong to you.
  • We are CITIZENS not subjects.
  • Our rights come from God, not from the State.

A Congress Make-Over Platform

Here are my over-arching goals if elected: 

(1) An amendment for term limits to rid fat cats.

(2) No pensions for Congress. 

(3)  Balance budgets, the key step in fixing our debt mess, Medicare, and Social Security.


President Trump needs disciple-followers like me in congress to pass his MAGA agenda.  If elected, I will join the House Freedom Caucus Republicans.


Our $21 trillion debt now exceeds our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is THE  most important issue facing America. The debt threatens our sovereignty.

FYI, with 3% GDP growth, coupled with balanced budgets, we can ELIMINATE OUR DEBT by 2035. This is Trump's plan.

I wasn't born yesterday.

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Chaminade University Hawaii 

Coursework included :

  • Constitutional Law

Bachelor Business Administration, University of Washington

Coursework included:

  • Economics
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Negotiations

A veteran. Served 5 years in the  Army

  • Enlisted  as Private  E-1
  • Left a Captain, O-3

Boeing Company, Seattle:  Manager, 18 years

  • Human Resources (hired 350 employees)
  • 737 airplane production 

President, USA Tactical Tripod


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